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ChairpersonStepan MudryChairperson
ProfessorOleksiy MykolaychukProfessor
Professor (by-worker)Yuriy PlevachukProfessor (by-worker)
ProfessorIvan ScherbaProfessor
Professor (by-worker)Petro YakibchukProfessor (by-worker)
DocentAndrij KorolyshynDocent
DocentIhor ShtablavyiDocent
LecturerRoman BilykLecturer
LecturerViktor PrysyazhnyukLecturer
Chief ResearcherVasyl SklyarchukChief Researcher
Research FellowYulia NykyruyResearch Fellow
Lead EngineerLesya DobryanskaLead Engineer
Lead Engineer, Lecturer (by-worker)Yurij KulykLead Engineer, Lecturer (by-worker)
1st Category EngineerLyubov Morozevych1st Category Engineer
EngineerVitaliy OsypenkoEngineer
EngineerBogdan SokolyukEngineer
Senior Laboratory AssistantNestor LutsykSenior Laboratory Assistant
Postgraduate StudentUliana LiudkevychPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentOlena ShvedPostgraduate Student

Lecturers' schedule

Results of HEUREKA-2018

22.05.2018 | 15:59

International Conference of Students and Young Researchers in Theoretical and Experimental Physics “HEUREKA-2018” May 15-17, 2018. Lviv, Ukraine

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