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Address: 8, Kyrylo & Mephodiy Street, Lviv, 79005, Ukraine

The Department of Physics of Metals was founded in 1963 on the initiative of Yaroslav Yosypovych Dutchak (1933-88). The department was created under the name of X-ray diffraction analysis. A year later it was renamed the Department of X-ray metal physics, and in 1999 – the Department of Physics of Metals.

The department was headed by: Dutchak Ya.Y. (1963-1988), Mykolaichuk O.H. (1988-1996), Syniushko V.H. (1996-1998), Yakibchuk P.M. (1998-2014), Mudryi S.I. (from 2014)


ChairpersonStepan MudryChairperson
ProfessorOleksiy MykolaychukProfessor
Professor (by-worker)Yuriy PlevachukProfessor (by-worker)
ProfessorIvan ShcherbaProfessor
Professor (by-worker)Petro YakibchukProfessor (by-worker)
DocentIhor ShtablavyiDocent
LecturerRoman BilykLecturer
LecturerViktor PrysyazhnyukLecturer
Chief ResearcherVasyl SklyarchukChief Researcher
Research FellowYulia NykyruyResearch Fellow
Junior Research FellowOlena ShvedJunior Research Fellow
Lead EngineerLesya DobryanskaLead Engineer
Lead Engineer, Lecturer (by-worker)Yurij KulykLead Engineer, Lecturer (by-worker)
1st Category EngineerLyubov Morozevych1st Category Engineer
EngineerVitaliy OsypenkoEngineer
EngineerBogdan SokolyukEngineer
Senior Department SecretaryNestor LutsykSenior Department Secretary
Doctoral Candidate, Docent (by-worker)Andrij KorolyshynDoctoral Candidate, Docent (by-worker)
Postgraduate StudentUliana LiudkevychPostgraduate Student

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