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The rules of the authors

Editorial board of  “Bulletin of Lviv University. A series of individual “accepts for publication original, previously unpublished material on actual problems of theoretical physics, materials science, physics of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nanophysics, charged particle beams physics, astronomy and astrophysics. The maximum size of article – 12 pages.
Articles are printed in Ukrainian (with an extensive English abstract containing at least 1800 characters including keywords) or English (with an extensive Ukrainian abstract containing at least 1800 characters including keywords) language. References should be accompanied by digital DOI identifiers.
The accepted articles are submitted for review of two independent reviewers which are chosen by  Editorial Board. The decision about the possibility of publishing an article on the editorial board takes into account the wishes of reviewers. In some cases, the authors are  proposed to the article or reply the comments.

To submit to the editional board:

  • two hard copies, the second copy signed by the authors;
  • electronic version of the article in LaTeX on digital media or send an email to visnyk.lnu@gmail.com;
  • contact details of the responsible author (s): email, telephone, postal address.
Examples of the articles you can find on the model: Zrazok_ua.tex (required to compile stylistic file visnyk.sty).
Check that the graphic picture files were accessible in format (.eps, .tiff, .bmp, etc.) with resolution no worse than 300 dpi.