Erasmus+ program

for postgraduate students in Physics and Astrophysics

Partner institution: University of Zielona Góra (Poland)

Period: Spring semester 2016

Duration: 5 months

UPDATE: We have received four applications from the following PhD students:

rank Applicant’s name Values Points Total
h-index citations Eff. IF English h-index citations Eff. IF English
1 GNATENKO, Khrystyna 2 6 3.224  78.7 10.0 10.0 50.0  23.6 93.6
2 TSIZH, Maksym 1 1 2.463  89.3 5.0 1.7 38.2  26.8 71.7
3 VASYUTA, Vasyl 1 1 0.200  85.3 5.0 1.7 3.1  25.6 35.4
BORDUN, Ivan 1 1 0.476  47.3 5.0 1.7 7.4  14.2 28.3

Applicants with the English test result above 60 are asked to prepare the Learning agreement as described at the bottom of the page by 27 November 2015.


Eligibility: postgraduate students of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in the following specialties:
01.03.02 — Astrophysics, Radioastronomy;
01.04.02 — Theoretical Physics;
01.04.07 — Solid State Physics;
01.04.10 — Physics of Semiconductors and Insulators;
01.04.13 — Physics of Metals
(full-time intramural students only).

Applications will be evaluated according to English proficiency and scientific achievements:

  1. English proficiency (30%)
    To be evaluated using an online test.
    (Applicants possessing official certificates will have their points converted accordingly. Provisional grading in the 100-point scale is as follows:
    A2: 30–42, B1: 43–58, B2: 59–74, C1: 75–84, C2: 85–100).
    Minimal language proficiency required to enter the competition is B2.
  1. Scientific achievements (70%),
    2a. h-index in Scopus (10%);
    2b. number of citations in Scopus (10%);
    2c. evaluation of papers based on impact factors and number of co-authors (50%).
    In case of some data which should be present though missing in Scopus, provide information from other relevant sources.

The applicant with the highest points in a certain category (2a–2c) is graded in this category as 1.
Other applicants are graded proportionally to the highest points of the category.

In case of a tie, younger applicants are given preference.

Please, note that any intentional fraud (with citation count, h-index data, publications data) will result in an immediate expel from the competition as well as banning from any similar activities in the following years.

In order to apply, please send the following form to with “Erasmus+” in the subject line.

Application deadline is 20 November 2015, 18:00 Kyiv time.
The time for the English proficiency test and the interview will be announced separately.

The selected candidates will be required to choose the courses for doctoral students (minimum 10 ECTS credits) and prepare the Learning Agreement.