Dutchak Yaroslav Yosypovych

(14.10.1933, Hayi Smolensky, Brody district, Lviv region. — 08.02.1988, Lviv) experimental physicist, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1967), Professor (1968). In 1963-88 — Head of the chair of X-ray metal physics at Lviv University, initiator of its creation. Founder of scientific school of physics of liquid metals. Research interests: thin films physics, physical materials, X-ray spectroscopy; studies of the structure and physical properties of liquid metals and crystal lattice dynamics, electrical properties; X-ray, electron and scanning microscopy. Author of 400 scientific papers. Member of the Coordinating Councils at the USSR Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education of Ukraine in liquid state physics, solid state physics. Editor of “Bulletin of Lviv University. Physical series “. State Prize winner of the Ukrainian SSR in Science and Technology (1983).