Ivan Pryshko

Position: Postgraduate Student,
General Physics Department, Lecturer,
General Physics Department
Phone (office): (032) 239-45-00

Research interests

  • the investigation of the refractive parameters of dielectric crystals of sulfates group;
  • the influence of impurities on the refractive parameters of dielectric crystals of sulfates group.

Selected publications

Пришко І. А. Оптична активність кристалів Ca3Ga2Ge4O14 в напрямку перпендикулярному до оптичної осі / І. Пришко // Міжнародна конференція студентів і молодих науковців з теоретичної і експериментальної фізики «Еврика 2019». 14–16 травня 2019, Львів. Тези доповідей – С. B22.

Scientific biography

In 2020 Ivan Pryshko graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with honors. He has received the full higher education in the specialty of “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials” and got a Master’s (Bachelor degree in the specialty of “Applied Physics”, qualification – Teacher of Physics (2019)).

From September 2021 he is a postgraduate student and a lecturer of the Department of General Physics.

The thesis is named “Thermo-optical and band-energy parameters of Rb2SO4 crystals under the action of external factors”. Professor V. Yo. Stadnyk is a supervisor of his thesis.

He is the author of one thesis.


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