Maryan Partyka

Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Phone (office): (032) 239-46-01
Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

  • phase transitions in crystalline ferroics
  • condensed state spectroscopy
  • physics of nanostructures


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Partyka Maryan Viktorovych, physicist-optician; b. Ukraine, August 21, 1983; BS in physics-optics, Ivan Franko National U. of Lviv, Ukraine, 2003; master of applied physics, Ivan Franko National U. of Lviv, Ukraine, 2005; PhD in Physics of semiconductors and Isolators, Ivan Franko National U. of Lviv, Ukraine, 2010(“Crystal structure, optical and spectral properties of the spatially modulated and low-dimensional ferroics with an alkylammonium cation”). Scientific interests: phase transitions in crystalline ferroics, condensed state spectroscopy, physics of nanostructures. Publications: about 60.