Vasyl Myhal

Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic status: Associate Professor
Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

theory of disordered systems, theory of inhomogeneous classical systems



(8 Dec 1957, Butsiv, Mostyskyi Raion, Lviv region — †22 May 2020, Lviv), theoretical physicist. PhD (Calculation of phonon and eletron spectra and spatial correlation functions of disordered liquid-structure systems, 1993), Docent title (1997). Graduated from the Faculty of Physics, University of Lviv in 1980 and finished PhD studies there in 1992. In 1985–88 engineer, junior researcher, in 1991–95 laboratory head, in 1995–97 assistant, since 1997 docent (associate professor) of the Department for Theoretical Physics, University of Lviv.


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