Ivan Vakarchuk

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic status: Professor
Web page: ktf.lnu.edu.ua
Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com.ua

Research interests

physics of quantum liquids, theory of superfluid helium, theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena, physics of disordered systems, physics of magnetic systems, mathematical methods in theoretical physics, problems of quantum mechanics, general theory of relativity and cosmology, theory of stellar spectra.



(*06 Mar 1947, Stari Bratyshany, Edineț Raion, Moldova – †04 Apr 2020, Lviv, Ukraine), theoretical physicist, PhD (Application of the method of displacements and collective variables to the study of a system of interacting Bose particles near absolute zero, 1974), DSc (Microscopic theory of the Bose liquid, 1980), Professor title (1984). Graduated from the Faculty of Physics, University of Lviv in 1970 and finished PhD studies there in 1973. In 1973–78 junior researcher, in 1978–80 senior researcher, in 1980–84 head of the Quantum Statistics Department of the Lviv branch of the Institute for Theoretical Physics affiliated with UkrSSR Academy of Sciences. In 1984–2014 head of the Department for Theoretical Physics, University of Lviv. In 1990–2007 and 2010–2013 Rector of the University of Lviv; in 2007–2010 Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since 2014 professor of the Department of Theoretical Physics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.


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