Vladyslav Karnaushenko

Position: Postgraduate Student,
General Physics Department
Phone (office): (032) 239-45-00
Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com

Research interests

  • the investigation of the luminescent-kinetic parameters of the crystals;
  • the calculations of the electronic energy structure of the crystals.

Selected publications

  1. Карнаушенко В. О. Електронна енергетична структура кристала LaF3:Ce / В. О. Карнаушенко, Я. М. Чорнодольський, С. В. Сиротюк, А. С. Волошиновський // Вісник Львівського університету. Сер. фіз. – 2019. – Вип. 56. – С. 133–139.

Scientific biography

In 2018 Vladyslav Karnaushenko graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with honors. He has received the full higher education in the specialty of “Physics and astronomy” and got a Master’s degree in Physics of Condensed State (Bachelor degree in the specialty of “Applied Physics”, qualification – Bachelor of Physics, Teacher of Physics (2016)).

From September 2018 he is a postgraduate student of the Department of General Physics.

The thesis is named “Energy positions of 4f and 5d levels of lanthanide ions in fluoride compounds”. Docent Ya. M. Chornodolskyy is a supervisor of his thesis.

Nowadays he is working as a junior research fellow of the State budget theme Fz-08F named “Transformation of the optic-electronic parameters and structure of new crystalline materials for sensor devices and optoelectronics” (2020-2022 years).

Vladyslav Karnaushenko is an author of 7 scientific works.


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