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Actual problems of theoretical physics, materials science, physics of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics, physics of condensed systems, nanophysics, physics of charged particle beams, astronomy and astrophysics

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КВ № 14611-3582 Р (28.10.2008)


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Ukrainian, English


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Prof. P. M. Yakibchuk

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 Prof. V. V. Vistovskyy

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Ivan Franko National University of Lviv,
physics faculty, 8 Kyryla I Mefodiya str., Lviv, 79005,


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Editorial office of “Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Physics”accepts original, unpublished materials. Maximum article size is 12 pages.

Articles are printed in Ukrainian (with an expanded English abstract of at least 1800 characters, including keywords) or in English (with an expanded Ukrainian abstract of at least 1800 characters, including keywords). Article references should be accompanied by a DOI. In addition to the list made in accordance with ДСТУ 8203:2015, bibliography should be duplicated in English, a separate list of “References”, issued according to the AIP standard. Example of article design and style file: The drawing files (.eps, .tiff, .pdf, etc.) must have at least 300 dpi resolution.

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The articles are noticed by two reviewers.


Issue 56 (2019 р.)


K.A. Verheles, V.A. Smyntyna, V.M. Skobeeva, N.V. Malushin. The dependence of photoluminescence spectra of CdS QDs on stoichiometry. P. 3-10
Full text

M. Vavrukh, N. Tyshko, D. Dzikovskyi, O. Stelmakh. New method of calculation of stellar equilibrium with axial rotation. P. 11-30
Full text

Kh. P. Gnatenko, O. I. Hryhorchak. Relation of parameters of noncommutative algebra with mass and the equivalence principle in a space with quadratic noncommutativity of coordinates. P. 31-42
Full text

V.I. Zhaba. Calculations of the deuteron form factors. P. 43-55
Full text

Yu. Z. Golskyi, Kh. P. Gnatenko. Entanglement of spins in triangle spin cluster. P. 56-64
Full text

B. Sobko, A. Rovenchak. Superadditive model of the ideal Fermi-gas near absolute zero. P. 65-75
Full text

K. A. Yeriomina, O. I. Burya. The use of mathematical modelling while studying thermophysical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. P. 76-83
Full text

B. Turko, M. Rudko, M. Dendebera, V. Kapustianyk, A. Duviryak, R. Serkiz, V. Tereshko. Green luminiscence of ZnO microrods. P. 84-90
Full text

B. Natalich, U. Shvets, V. Borysiuk. Simulation of the thermal stability and melting of the Ag@Pd bimetallic nanoparticle. P. 91-102
Full text

T. Malyi, V. Tsiumra, A. Zhyshkovych, V. Vistovskyy, A. Vas’kiv, A. Voloshinovskii. Luminescent properties of microcrystals YVO4-Bi,Eu. P. 103-111
Full text

P. Shchepanskyi, M. Rudysh, R. Matviiv, V. Stadnyk, R. Brezvin, O. Kushnir, L. Karpliuk. Analysis of correlations among the structural and refractive parameters of ABSO4 crystals. P. 112-121
Full text

M. P. Dendebera, Ya. M. Chornodolskyy, A. V. Zhyshkovych, V. M. Salapak, N. E. Mitina, R. V. Gamernyk, V. V. Vistovskyy, A. S. Voloshinovskii. The influence of synthesis conditions on the luminescentic-kinetic properties of colloid nanoparticles CsPbBr$_3$. P. 122-132
Full text

V. Karnaushenko, Ya. Chornodolskyy, S. Syrotyuk, A. Voloshinovskii. Electronic energy structure of LaF3:Ce crystal. P. 133-139
Full text

Issue 55 (2018 р.)


A. Rovenchak. Division of the Chair of Physics at the University of Lviv into the Chairs of Theoretical and Experimental Physics as reflected in documents. P. 3-12
Full text

Kh. P. Gnatenko. Influence of momentum noncommutativity on the motion of free particles system in rotationally-invariant noncommutative phase space. P. 13-23
Full text

B. Melekh, O. Khmilevska, M. Kasheba. Сhecking of the reliability of the chemical compositions determination in planetary nebulae using diagnostic methods in combination with popular ionization-correction factors. P. 24-39
Full text

O. I. Burya, S. V. Kalinichenko, S. P. Suchilina-Socolenko, A.-M. V. Tomina, A. I. Synelna. ІR-spectral analysis organicplastics based on polychlorotrifluoroethylene. P. 40-49
Full text

R. Matviiv, M. Rudysh, V. Stadnyk, R. Brezvin, I. Matviishyn, L. Karpliuk. Structure and refractive parameters of doped K2SO4 crystals. P. 50-61
Full text

I. Bolesta, A. Vaskiv, S. Velgosh, O. Kushnir, Ya. Shmygelskyy. Plasmonic spectra of silver nanoparticles. P. 62-70
Full text

M. Solovyov. Synthesis and photoluminescence of Tl4CdI6 and Tl4HgI6 nanocrystals embedded in natural cavities. P. 71-77
Full text

Т. М. Demkiv, L. I. Bulyk, T. S. Malyi, A. D. Zhyshkovych, M. V. Diachuk, V. V. Vistovsky, A. S. Voloshinovskii. Luminescence of polymer composites with embedded LaF3:Gd nanoparticles. P. 78-86
Full text