Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Physics 57 (2020) ñ. 101-113

Electronic band structures of Si1-xGex, Si1-xSnx and Ge1-xSnxsemiconductor alloys

P.M. Yakibchuk, O.V. Bovgyra, M.V. Kovalenko, I.V. Kutsa

We used the model pseudopotential calculations to investigate the band structures of group-IV semiconductor alloys, including Si1-xGex, Si1-xSnx and Ge1-xSnx. The calculations of electronic properties for Si1-xGex alloys demonstrate the reliability of the method we used. For Ge1-xSnx, the direct band gap optical bowing parameter we obtained is 2.74 eV and the indirect–direct band gap crossover is at x = 0.068, both consistent with the existing experimental data. The calculated indirect-direct band gap change point in Si1-xSnx alloys is found close to approximately tin content x = 0.6. The corresponding energy gap is 0.75 eV, which is suitable for the on-chip optoelectronical devices.

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