Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Physics 59 (2022) . 3-14

Pressure effect on the electronic spectra of CdTe crystal calculated by DFT

A.I. Kashuba, I.V. Semkiv, H.A. Ilchuk, R.Yu. Petrus

( 1800 ) The effect of pressure on the electronic band structure of CdTe crystal has been investigated using the density functional theory. In this approach, the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) and the PurdueBurkeErnzerhof (PBEsol) parameterization were used for the exchange-correlation potential calculation. The ground-state properties are determined for the bulk materials of CdTe in zinc-blende phase. Structure and electronic properties are studied in the range of hydrostatic pressures between 0 and 50 GPa. The electron band-energy structure and density of states were calculated at different pressures. The equilibrium structural parameters, bulk modules and band gaps are calculated and compared with the available experimental data and other theoretical results. The shift in the energy gap, refractive index, high-frequency dielectric constant, bulk module and lattice parameters of CdTe crystal with pressure is determined and compared with other known data.

Full text (pdf)

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