Vlokh Orest-Stepan Hryhorovych

(02.07.1934, Vynnyky Lviv region. – 05.04.2009 Lviv) Physicist and social and political activist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1978), Professor (1981). Academician of Higher School of Ukraine (1992). 1979-95 – Head of the chair Lviv University of nonlinear optics. Director of the Institute of Physical Optics (1992-2009). His research interests include optical parametric phenomena in dielectric, ferroelectric and incommensurate crystals structure. Formed a scientific school of crystal optics and structural phase transitions. Author of 500 scientific papers. Diploma for the discovering №221 «electrogyration phenomenon in crystals” (1979). People’s deputy of Ukraine of the 1st convocation. Order “For Merit” III degree (1997), “The award of Saint Vladimir” Academy of Higher School of Ukraine (1998) gold medals of the USSR (1984), Diploma of Honor EEA of USSR (1981), a diploma and a silver medal “For the achievements in the 20th century” (1998, Cambridge IBC). Honored Scientist of Ukraine (1991).