Your Prospects

Dear Applicants!

You are welcome to join the department of physics.

Physics is among the most exciting sciences which explore nature and highly involve human intellectual ability and power of mind. If you aim to develop profound knowledge of physics and get professional education at one of the oldest European universities with outstanding traditions, entering the physics department of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is a right decision. Here this amazing science has been taught for about 250 years. Studying at the physics department gives a great opportunity to get qualitative higher education in the branch of natural science.

Buildings of the department with spacious classrooms and modern research laboratories are located in the picturesque historical part of Lviv. Students can take an advantage of sci-technical and educational center of low-temperature research, astronomical observatory, computer classrooms, local computer network with internet access and scientific library. Carefully designed curriculum provides profound studies of physics, mathematics, informatics, programming as well as humanities and foreign languages. Lectures for the students of the department are given by 20 professors and 26 docents. Prominent specialists from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other scientific establishments are actively involved into educational process.

Students get a chance to take an educational practice at the scientific departments of the university as well as at the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics NAS of Ukraine and Lviv SRC “Carat”, where they can learn modern theoretical methods of research, get acquainted with equipment for new materials synthesis, devices for astronomical observations, systems for image registration and processing etc.

Annually the physics department hosts the international conference of students and young researchers “Eureka”, the contest of student’s scientific projects and olympiads. Winners get a great opportunity to publish the results of their research in scientific journals.

Graduates of the department gain the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree – “physics bachelor, physics teacher”, “astronomy bachelor”, “applied physics bachelor, physics teacher”;

  • Specialist degree – “physicist, physics teacher”, “astronomer, physics and astronomy teacher”, “applied physics specialist”

  • Master degree – “physics master”, “condensed matter physics master”, “astronomy master”.

Master studies at the physics department last for two years. Students have an opportunity to take part in training programs at educational establishments abroad.

Department’s alumni can work in the areas of forecasting, development and industry, implement and share knowledge in physics, material technologies and electronics industry, operate and provide maintenance of computerized research complexes. In particular they can be appointed positions of engineers and researchers in scientific or industrial establishments, work as physics, astronomy or informatics teachers in educational establishments of different academic levels.

Alumni might as well get employed in areas not directly connected with their main specialization, for example take positions of programmers in banks, tax administration and insurance companies; managers and system analysts; specialists in development and implementation of information security methods; scientific and technical experts at various enterprises; customs and other governmental services.

The website of the physics department will help you to get acquainted with our curriculums, methodical publications, scientific achievements and exciting events from students’ life. You can also follow us on Facebook or Vkontakte.
For you, our entrants, for your parents and friends we hold Open Door Days to let you get acquainted with educational process and areas of scientific research. During our excursions you will get a chance to see educational laboratories and classrooms. Moreover, you will be able to communicate with teachers and researchers of our department, personally enquire about academic conditions and pre-requests. You will make sure that our students get deep knowledge in the range of practically-oriented subjects and learn how to make their skills and ideas serve personal and social welfare.

Our students get a variety of opportunities to join exciting leisure activities. One can go in for sport at the university sport complex or develop artistic skills at the cultural centre. Students can also visit cinema-centre and theatre, take part in different concerts and contests.

Students of the physics department are supplied on request with accommodation, where they can take an advantage of facilities such as a library, sport rooms, rest rooms and a computer network with internet access.