Research Activity

Area of Research

  • Theory and simulation of disordered systems in order to create the physical principles of material nanoklaster
  • Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  • Physical systems in quantized space
  • Quantum information
  • The theory of stellar spectra
  • Core-valence luminescence
  • The study of phase transitions in ferroelectrics
  • The study of electronic structure and the structure of zone energetic nonlinear crystals
  • Optics and Spectroscopy
  • Solid State Physics
  • Physics of fluids
  • Microscopic theory of metals and model Fermi-systems
  • Physical characteristics and chemical content of nebular objects

Research is conducted on modern experimental apparatus not only in the laboratory of the Physics Faculty, but in Interfaculty scientific-educational laboratory of X-ray analysis in which the functions of modern X-ray diffractometer (STOE STADI MP), scientific and educational the), scientific and educational centers of research and low-temperature “Fractal”

International Сooperation

Faculty staff have close contacts with educational and scientific institutions:

  • Academy of Jan Dlugosz (Czestochowa, Poland);
  • Oxford University (UK);
  • High Pressure Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland);
  • Institute of Astronomy, University of Vienna (Austria);
  • Center for astronomy name M.Kopernika PAN (Torun, Poland);
  • Wroclaw University (Poland);
  • University of Zielona Gura (Poland);
  • Free University of Brussels (Belgium);
  • University of Graz (Austria);
  • Rzeszow University (Poland);
  • Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland);
  • Institute of Metallurgy and Materials (Krakow, Poland);
  • Hemnittsa Technical University (Germany);
  • University of Metz (France);
  • Ural State Pedagogical University (Ekaterinburg, Russia);
  • Institute of Metal Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava, Slovakia);
  • Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland).

Scientific Statements: