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“Physics is the only true science, all the rest is just collecting stamps”
Ernest Rutherford
“The most important task of civilization is to teach a person to think”
Thomas Edison

Physics is one of the most interesting natural sciences, which clearly shows the activity of the human mind. Besides physics occupies the leading position, because it is the most fundamental science among other natural sciences or the one that studies the deepest and most general laws of nature. The regularities that are opened by physics (or by physicists) are the basis of chemical and biological, geological and cosmological processes. If you want to master physics, obtain professional education at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Europe with glorious traditions – apply for the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. This magnificent science has been taught here for nearly 250 years. Studying at the Faculty of Physics is a great opportunity to obtain high-quality degree in the field of natural sciences.

Today, physics has an extremely high reputation among other sciences which is largely due to the scientific and technical, as well as the informational and communicative development of a mankind. It is due to physical research around the world that the Internet and other network technologies are used. Take a look at everything that surrounds you – the production of all surrounding objects would be impossible without achievements in the field of physics. And the very physics in the present indicates the level of human development in general.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity! Here you will get not only higher education and a diploma in physics, which will allow you to find a highly-paid job. You will also learn to think logically and it will help you in many difficult life situations.

Dear school leaver! The Faculty of Physics of Lviv Ivan Franko National University welcomes you. Our lecturers are worldwide famous physicists and astrophysicists able to convey in an accessible way their knowledge to the students. You can make sure of this by looking through the section “Departments Review” on the page of the Physical Faculty. Moreover, those who visited at least one “Scientific Days“, could have witnessed it.

The faculty has modern educational and research laboratories, computerized audiences with multimedia equipment; besides, students have an opportunity to study, practise and work at the Astronomical Observatory and at the Scientific and Technical Centre for Low Temperature Studies at the University. We have everything you need to become a specialist in physics and astronomy, applied physics and nanomaterials, as well as in IT field. In addition, the faculty trains teachers of physics and astronomy for secondary school. This is a profession the state pays special attention to and which will always be in demand.

Modern computer technologies are widely used in almost all spheres of human activities. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills of using modern computer technologies today are necessary for carrying out successful investigations of complex physical, technical, environmental, economic and social systems. Therefore, the training of competitive groups on a specialty connected with computer technologies started at the faculty.

Information technologies are now used in many spheres of life, therefore, at our faculty, curricula of all specialties are formed so that students can get profound knowledge related to computer sciences. It enhances the competitiveness of our graduates.

Every year, students of the Faculty beginning from the 2nd year systematically compete for the European Union Erasmus+ scholarships for one semester study at leading universities of Europe. Due to that fact they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the organization of training, the content of related training courses and the principles of knowledge control in these universities as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of presenting the teaching materials through modern forms of students’ independent work and electronic technologies. Students report on their experience at faculty seminars. All those facts contribute to the participation of students in the teaching/learning prosess and strengthen their role in formation of the content of education.

The faculty trains bachelors in the following Specialties:

The educational program «Secondary Education (Physics)» deserves special attention. Today there is a great need for highly qualified physics teachers. Teacher is a priority profession for the state, which will always be in demand. Teachers have been trained at the faculty since 1945 and more than one generation of excellent physicists-teachers, our graduates, have been successfully working in Ukrainian schools. In January 2022, OP «Secondary Education (Physics)» successfully passed the accreditation. Taking into account the wishes of students and employers, the OP was significantly updated. In order for future teachers to be able to teach not only physics and astronomy, but also computer science at school, the subjects of computer science were added to the curriculum:

  • Methods of teaching computer science at school.
  • Computer architecture and basic software.
  • Programming.
  • Computer networks and the Internet.
  • Informatics. Selected questions.
  • Basics of information security.
  • Physical basics of computer systems.
  • Programming using free software.
  • Information and communication technologies of education.

We invite entrants to submit documents for this tender, which has 100 licensed places, 5 of them – budget. If you want to study for a fee, the cost of training in 2021 was 23642 UAH. in a year.

If you are interested in the secrets of nature from the microworld to the universe, you have a thirst for something new, your dream is to make a discovery, choose the educational program «Physics and Astrophysics».

Educational program «Computer Physics» simultaneously covers a whole range of individual computer disciplines and their application in various spheres of human activity. This allows to provide high-quality training for IT companies, as well as for companies and organizations from any other spheres that use computer systems and technologies.

If you want to have deep knowledge in quantum information, be able to program on quantum computers, be at the forefront of quantum IT, choose the educational program «Quantum Computers and Quantum Programming».

Specialization «Applied Physics and Nanomaterials» (includes 2 educational programs: «Computer Technologies in Applied Physics». «Nanophysics and Nanomaterials») is a complex of scientific disciplines, sections and branches in physics that aim at solving physical problems for specific technological and practical applications. Their most important characteristics is that a particular physical phenomenon is considered not only for the sake of study, but also in the context of technical and interdisciplinary problems. Applied physics is based on the discoveries made in the process of fundamental research, and it focuses on solving the problems technologists face in order to effectively use these discoveries in practical devices and systems. Extremely important is the component that deals with the physics of nanostructures and nanotechnologies; this component is considered to be the most interesting and the most important branch of modern physics. It is important to note that Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is one only of several Ukrainian universities, in which nanotechnologies are being really developed, since this area requires very complex technological and experimental equipment and properly trained specialists. Graduates of our faculty are already successfully implementing the acquired knowledge not only in the scientific institutions of Ukraine, they are invited to work and at study postgraduate courses of leading research centers in Europe and the United States.

The Faculty of Physics prepares masters for the following educational programs within specialties 104 and 105:

104 – Physics and Astronomy

  • Theoretical physics and astrophysics.
  • Experimental physics
  • Quantum computers and quantum programming

105 – Applied Physics and Nanomaterials

  • Applied physics and nanomaterials

Graduates undergo a scientific internship in foreign scientific and educational institutions. Students who view their future connected to science are welcomed to take part in the work in local and international research groups starting from the first years of study, where they get their first, important for the world science, results and present them at international conferences. Master students undergo a scientific internship in foreign scientific and educational institutions. In order to master the professional skills of students, there are joint online training courses with leading Polish universities organized at the Faculty.

All this allows the student to choose deliberately a place for further postgraduate studies and often most effectively determine the place of his future work.

Many professions in wide variety of human activities are connected with physics. Specialists knowing physics are needed in the field of medicine, mechanics and mechanical engineering, energy, metallurgy, mining, automation and electronics, high technology and many other areas. Every technological innovation that appears in the world is directly related to the work of physics engineers. In addition, they can work in a variety of research institutions over inventions. Engineers-physicists work in the field of applied mechanics, electronics, applied physics and nanoelectronics.

Knowledge of physics is obligatory and necessary in aircraft and rocket construction, as well as in the automation of technological processes. So, physicists working in the aerospace industry are developing, manufacturing and testing samples of rocket and space technology, including various missiles, spacecrafts, satellites, orbital stations, anti-ballistic missile defense systems and much more.

Physics is needed in the energy industry. Physicists-engineers are involved in the development, design, installation and operation of power plants and industry. They are not only specialists – researchers or developers, but also managers of engineering projects, organizations etc.

Knowledge of physics is also needed in the medical field. People specializing in medical and biochemical physics, radiophysics and electronics, as well as physicists-engineers in medical and biological practice, are in demand in any medical institutions and medical diagnostic centers with such units as tomography, radionuclide and functional diagnostics, gamma cameras, ultrasound scanners and other medical equipment.

So, if you want to combine your future with the study of physics, the range of areas of professional activity, where you can realize yourself, is wide enough, as the specialties of the Faculty of Physics give graduates not only a fundamental but also a holistic interdisciplinary training necessary both for design, technological and research work.

Graduates of the Faculty of Physics work in the following areas: forecasting properties and developing new multifunctional materials for aviation, space, medical and biological industries; creation of new substances with programmable properties for intelligent systems and components of the electronic industry; operation and maintenance of complicated computer research complexes. They occupy the positions of engineers and research staff in scientific and production institutions of Ukraine and in leading international research centers; they work as teachers of physics, astronomy, computer science at educational institutions of different levels of accreditation.

The obtained degree allows our graduates to master related professions. In particular, they become experts in the development and implementation of information security methods; system analysts in banks, tax inspectorates and other government agencies; system administrators of computer networks, programmers; scientific and technical experts at the enterprises.

Student life at the faculty is interesting and multifaceted. In addition to serious academic circles, students exhibit their extraordinary skills in the club “What? Where? When? ” and in the club of merry and smart (КВК); and passionate football fans can compete in the annual championship of the faculty not only among themselves but also with teams of teachers.

Get acquainted with all spheres of daily life of the Physics Department on our Facebook page: Faculty of Physics, LNU named after I. Franko

Do not hesitate to choose the specialities that are taught at the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv to be the first in the list of your specialty priorities!! Are waiting for you!!