National programs

State budget projects and grants

ФФ-11Нр «The evolution of matter in the universe and the quantization of space on Planck scales». State registration number – 0121U100058, 2021–2023.

ФЛ-29П «Optimization of physical properties of nanocomposites based on metal heutectics for lead-free solders». State registration number – 0122U001521, 2022-2023.

ФТ-30П «Synthesis and characterization of new multifunctional materials based on wide-gap semiconductors, dielectrics and polymers». State registration number – 0122U001520, 2022 – 2023.

ФФ-27Ф «Classical and quantum systems on different space-time scales and the effect of the quantization of space on their properties». State registration number – 0122U001556, 2022–2024.

Фе-28Ф «Relaxation of electronic excitations in inorganic halide perovskites of type ABX3» State registration number – 0122U001860, 2022–2024.

ФФ-31Ф «The role of multiparticle effects in the formation of the properties of macroscopic systems in confined geometries». State registration number – 0122U001514, 2022–2024.

ФЗ-39НФ «New dual-purpose mono-, poly-, and nanocrystalline materials for batteries, hydrogen storage, sensor technology and electronics». State registration number – 0123U100599, 2023–2025.

Фт-42 П «Multifunctional materials based on wide-band semiconductors, dielectrics and polymers for defense and civilian products». State registration number – 0123U101880, 2023–2025.

П2-БФ. Thematic direction «New substances, materials, types of matter and approaches to energy saving and environmental protection». State registration number –  0121U113567.

М/12-2023 «Effects of Metal-Deposited Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle-Doped Fluxes on Lead-Free Solder Bonding to Metal Substrates» – international scientific project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. State registration number – 0123U103953, 31.07.2023-31.12.2023.

Grant of the National State Fund of Ukraine 2020.02/0196 «Research of physical systems and effects of quantization of space on quantum computers», 2020–2023.

Grant of the National State Fund of Ukraine 2020.02/0130 «Multifunctional organic-inorganic magnetoelectric, photovoltaic and scintillation materials», 2020-2023.

Grant of the National State Fund of Ukraine 218/0171 «New amorphous metal nanocomposites with programmable properties were obtained by the method of additive technologies». State registration number – 0123U103614, 2023-2024.