Lubchenko Andriy Fedorovych

(27.10.1921, village Lomakovskyy, Myrhorod district, Poltava region — 26.11.1977, Kyiv) physicist, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor. Head of the Institute for Theoretical Physics, USSR (1966-1971). 1971-77 – at the Institute of  Nuclear Research, USSR Academy of Sciences created the Department of Radiation Physics. Research interests: relate to solid state physics, the theory of optical spectra of impurity molecular crystals. Calculations of dispersion and absorption spectra and luminescence of solid solutions of molecular crystals, quantum theory of optical properties of solids, theoretical studies of resonance radiation absorption and scattering of gamma quanta by cores of perfect and imperfect crystals, study of the temperature genesis of bachgroundless bands in optical spectra. Lenin Prize winner (1966).