Lutsiv Roman Vasylyovych

(23.X.1937, Lviv -2012, Lviv) Physicist, Professor. 1970-74 – vice-rector for educational work. 1995-97- Deputy Dean for Science Faculty of Physics, 1997 Head of the Department of Radio Electronic Materials study at Lviv University. Research interests: technology and study the properties of narrow-gap semiconductor solid solutions of mercury chalcogenides; Experimental research highly of correlated electronic systems, including compounds with intermediate valence; theoretical and experimental study of the electronic and magnetic properties of high-temperature superconducting materials. About 400 scientific papers, 25 patents, 2 patents for invention. The medal “Inventor of the USSR” (1982), the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology (1984). Honorary Professor of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2004).