Dovhyy Yaroslav Ostapovych

(30.9.1933. Nіmshin, Halytsky district, Ivano-Frankіvsky region.) Physics optician, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Research interests: concern optical properties and energy structure of nonlinear crystals, low-temperature laser plasma spectroscopy. In gyrotropic crystals discovered a new type of elementary excitations – Circular excitons reasonably role of the locality principle in optical dispersion ratios, proposed spectroscopic approaches to the study of configuration interactions in crystals, found auto-intercalation in solid solutions of layered crystals. Author of 350 scientific papers. Chairman of the O.Smakula Foundation (1996), Real member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society (1992). Chairman of the Physical Committee of T.Shevchenko Scientific Society (1999). Editor of T.Shevchenko Physical antology. Laureate of A.F.Pryhotko award of NAS of Ukraine (2002). Distinguished Professor of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2005).