Physics of Bose-systems (104 Physics and Astronomy)

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Department: theoretical physics




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916Professor Andrij RovenchakФзФм-51м

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Description of the academic discipline

Aims and objectives: provide with knowledge of physical phenomena in quantum liquids and gases as well as with relevant mathematical techniques. Main objectives are to analyze processes in Bose-systems and to learn the methods for studies of ideal bosons and diluted systems of laser-cooled atoms of alkali metals. These issues are of particular interest due to recent experimental advances in this area.

Intended capabilities: to know basic physical properties of Bose-systems and theoretical methods for studying them; to be capable of obtaining main relations for an ideal Bose-gas and using techniques of quantum field theory for studies of bosonic systems with interactions.

Description. The course covers the following topics: History of Bose-system studies; Ideal quantum gases (derivation of the distribution functions, thermodynamics of the ideal Bose-gas, ideal Bose-gas in an external field); Bose-systems with a finite number of particles; Gross–Pitaevskii equation; Bogoliubov’s method of approximate second quantization; Bose-systems with strong interactions; Physical grounds of experimental techniques for cooling and trapping atoms.

Recommended Literature

Reading list:

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  1. JILA BEC & Ultracold Atoms
  2. Visualization of Bose-Einstein Condensates


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