Ihor Shtablavyi

Position: Associate Professor,
Metal Physics Department
Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic status: Associate Professor
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Research interests

Fields of Activity:

structure of liquid and solid metallic alloys,

solid – liquid interaction investigations,

investigation of structure and properties of metal matrix nanocomposites,

Molecular Dynamic and Reverse Monte-Carlo simulations of materials.


Practical Experience:

X-ray diffraction studies of the structure of liquid metals and alloys,

Molecular Dynamic and Reverse Monte-Carlo simulations of disordered systems,

Scanning Electron Microscopy investigations of metallic alloys.


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Born on February 7, 1980, in the village of Laskivtsi, Terebovlya district, Ternopil region. Physicist, Ph.D. in physical and mathematical Sciences (Structural changes in the modification of liquid eutectics 2009). Graduated from Phys.-Math. Faculty of Prykarpattya University (2002). 2002-2005 – postgraduate student of the Physics of Metals Department of the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 2005-2011 assistant of Physics of Metals Department of the Faculty of Physics of Lviv University, since 2011 associate professor of the same department.


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