Yuri Krynytskyi

Research interests

calculation of dielectric, magnetic and spectral characteristics of weakly relativistic plasma; gravity theory and quantum mechanics.





Collection of Problems in Electrodynamics / M. V. Blazhyevska, O. I. Hryhorchak, Yu. S. Krynytskyi, V. M. Myhal, V. S. Pastukhov, R. O. Prytula, A. A. Rovenchak, M. I. Samar; edited by Yu. S. Krynytskyi and A. A. Rovenchak
(Lviv: Lviv University Press, 2015).The book consists of nine sections: Elements of vector calculus, Charges and currents in vacuum: Introductory remarks, Electrostatics in vacuum, Magnetostatics in vacuum, Multipole expansions,
Radiation theory, Theory of relativity, Electrodynamics of medium, and Quasistatic phenomena. The beginning of each section is accompanied by a brief theoretical introduction, which outlines main definitions, statements and necessary formulas. Answers are given to all problems, with the exception of a few arguments. More complex problems are accompanied by instructions and sometimes complete solutions.The book is meant for university students and post-graduates of physics and mathematics.
S. S. Pikh, A. A. Rovenchak, Yu. S. Krynytskyi, 1001 Problem on Mathematical Physics.
(Lviv: Lviv University Press, 2006).The book consists of four chapters: Theory of complex variable, Integral transforms, Generalized functions, Equations of mathematical physics, Supplements (in this chapter, some problems of the variational calculus as well as those on special functions, fractional integrals and derivatives are given). The theoretical material is followed by some examples of solutions for typical problems. The book contains answers to all the problems (except those that are proofs). Sometimes instructions and solutions are also adduced.The book is meant for students and post-graduates of physics and mathematics as well as for self-education.


(17 Apr 1972, Lviv), theoretical physicist. Graduated from the Faculty of Physics, University of Lviv (1994). In 1994–1998 PhD student, in 1998–1999 engineer, in 1999–2011 assistant, since 2011 senior teacher of the Department for Theoretical Physics.


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