Anatoliy Voloshinovskii

Position: Chairperson,
Experimental Physics Department
Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic status: Professor
Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

Luminescence spectroscopy with time division, processes of radiative decay of high-energy electronic excitations in wide-gap dielectric crystals



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28.08.1951 – born in Drohobych, Lviv region
1973 – graduated from Ivan Franko State University of Lviv
1994 – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Optics, Laser Physics)
2005 – Professor
2015 – Distinguished professor of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Supervisor of 9 PhD theses and 1 doctorate thesis
1998 – Grant of International Science Fund on International Scientific and Educational Programme “Scientists and teachers”

• Atomic physics (Astronomy)
• Atomic physics (Applied Physics)
• Atomic physics (Physics)
• Migration and transformation of electronic excitations in condensed systems (Physics)
• Spectroscopy of rapidly changing processes (Physics)
• Physical practicum on atomic physics (Physics)
• Optics (Physics)

Published 138 articles in journals from the list of ISI; 10 patents; H-index: 17

• Member of the editorial board (Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics);
• Member of coordination board of Ukrainian Physical Society;
• Chairman of the Research and Technology Board of the Faculty of Physics;
• Member of Academic Council on thesis defence.


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