Yaroslav Chornodolskyy

Position: Associate Professor,
General Physics Department, Acting Dean, Faculty of Physics
Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic status: Associate Professor
Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com.ua

Research interests

  • research of fluorescent – kinetic parameters of crystals;
  • calculations of the electronic energetic structure of crystals.

Docent Yaroslav Chornodolskyy is a scientific supervisor of two thesis for the Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

  1. V. O. Karnaushenko “Energy positions of 4f and 5d levels of lanthanide ions in fluoride compounds”;
  2. O. O. Pidhornyi Energy structure of defects in functional materials based on perovskites”.

Selected publications


  1. Chornodolskyy Ya. Features of the core-valence luminescence  and  electron  energy band  structure  of A1-xCsxCaCl3 (A = K, Rb) crystals / Ya. Chornodolskyy, G. Stryganyuk, S. Syrotyuk [et al.] // Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. – 2007. – Vol. 19, №47. – P. 476211-1–476211-8.
  2. Syrotyuk S. V. Electronic energy band parameters of CsCl evaluated on core Bloch states and plane waves / S. V. Syrotyuk, Ya. M. Chornodolskyy, G. B. Stryganyuk [et al.] // Radiation Measurements. – 2007. – Vol. 42, № 4–5. – P. 723–726.
  3. Чорнодольський Я. Електронна енергетична структура та спектри остовно-валентної люмінесценції кристалів ABX3 (A = K, Rb, Cs; B = Ca; X = F) / Я. Чорнодольський, С. Сиротюк, Г. Стриганюк [та ін.] // Журнал фізичних досліджень. – 2007. – Т. 11, № 4. – C. 421–426.
  4. Сиротюк С. Розрахунок енергетичних параметрів остовно-валентної люмінесценції кристала CsBr / С. Сиротюк, А. Волошиновський, Я. Чорнодольський [та ін.] // Вісник Львівського університету. Серія фізична. – 2012. – Вип. 47. – С. 109117.
  5. Syrotyuk S. V. Band structure of LaPO4 / S. V. Syrotyuk, Ya. M. Chornodolskyy, V. V. Vistovskyy [et al.] // Functional materials. – 2013. – Vol. 20, No 3. – P. 373377.
  6. Vistovskyy V. V. Self-trapped exciton and core-valence luminescence in BaF2 nanoparticles / V. V. Vistovskyy, A. V. Zhyshkovych, Ya. M. Chornodolskyy [et al.] // Journal of Applied Physics. – 2013. – Vol. 114, № 19. – P. 194306-1–194306-7.
  7. Волошиновський А. Електронна енергетична структура та остовно-валентна люмінесценція кристала CsCl / А. Волошиновський, С. Сиротюк, Я. Чорнодольський [та ін.] // Журнал фізичних досліджень. – 2013. – Т. 17, № 4. – С. 4701-1–4701-6.
  8. Vistovskyy V. Modeling of X-ray excited luminescence intensity dependence on the nanoparticle size  / V. VistovskyyYa. ChornodolskyyA. Gloskovskii [et al.] // Radiation Measurements. – 2016. – Vol. 90. – P. 174–177.
  9. Antonyak O. High-energy electronic excitations and radiation defects in SrCl2 crystals / O. Antonyak, Ya. Chornodolskyy, S. Syrotyuk, N. Gloskovska, R. Gamernyk // Materials Research Express. – 2017 – Vol. 4, № 11. – P. 116306-1–116306-10.
  10. Chylii M. The influence of nanoparticle sizes on the X-ray excited luminescence intensity in YVO4:Eu / M.Chylii, T. Malyi, T. Demkiv, Y. Chornodolskyy, A. Vas’kiv, S. Syrotyuk, V. Vistovsky, A. Voloshinovskii // Journal of Physical Studies – 2018. – Vol. 22, №1. – P. 1301-1–1301-8.
  11. Tsiumra V. Localized exciton luminescence in YVO4:Bi3+ / V. Tsiumra, A. Zhyshkovych, T. Malyi, Y. Chornodolskyy, V. Vistovskyy, S. Syrotyuk, Ya. Zhydachevskyy, A. Suchocki, A. Voloshinovskii // Optical Materials, – 2019. – Vol. 89. – P. 480–487.
  12. Syrotyuk S. V. Electron energy band spectrum of CsPbBr3 and CsPbI3 crystals modified by spin-orbit interaction / S. V. Syrotyuk, Ya. M. Chornodolskyy, A. S. Voloshinovskii, Yu. V. Klysko // Journal of Physical Studies – 2019. – Vol. 23, No. 2. – P. 2704(7p.).
  13. Dendebera M. Time resolved luminescence spectroscopy of CsPbBr3 single crystal / M. Dendebera, Ya. Chornodolskyy, R. Gamernyk, O. Antonyak, I. Pashuk, S. Myagkota, I. Gnilitskyi, V. Pankratov, V. Vistovskyy, V. Mykhaylyk, M. Grinberg, A. Voloshinovskii // Journal of Luminescence. – 2020. – V. 225. – P. 117346.

Scientific biography

Yaroslav Chornodolskyy graduated with honours from the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU) in 2003, received a full higher education in “Physics” and obtained a Master’s degree in “Physics”.

In 2004–2007 was a post-graduate student on the Department of Experimental Physics of IvanF ranko National University of Lviv.

In 2007–2008 Yaroslav Chornodolskyy worked as a junior researcher at the Research Unit of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

From 2008 to 2012 he worked as a lecturer, and since November 2012 has been working as an associate professor at the General Physics Department, Faculty of Physics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

In 2009 he defended his Ph.D. thesis named “Base-valence luminescence and parameters of the energy structure of wide-gap halogen crystals”, and was awarded the academic degree of the Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences specializing in Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics.

In 2016 he was awarded with the academic status of the associate professor of the Department of General Physics.

Since September 2018 till March 2021 he had been also an associate dean of Faculty of Physics of educational and methodical work. From March 2021 he is an acting dean.

He is a supervisor of 2 candidate dissertations.

Yaroslav Chornodolskyy was the executor of the state budget and economic contract themes, he has published 100 scientific papers.

He’s educational and methodical achievements are 2 methodical instructions for laboratory works.

Teaching materials

Methodical instructions for laboratory work:

  1. Шопа Я. І. Аналогові та цифрові методи обробки зображень. Методичні вказівки до лабораторних робіт : [для студ. фіз. ф-ту] / Я. І. Шопа, Я. М. Чорнодольський. – Львів : ВЦ ЛНУ імені Івана Франка, 2015. – 52 с.
  2. Чорнодольський Я. М. Спектральна експертиза матеріалів і сигналів. Методичні вказівки до лабораторних робіт : [для студ. фіз. ф-ту] / Я. М. Чорнодольський. – Львів : ВЦ ЛНУ імені Івана Франка, 2015. – 56 с.


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