Department of Astrophysics

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ChairpersonBohdan MelekhChairperson
ProfessorBohdan NovosyadlyiProfessor
ProfessorMarkiyan VavrukhProfessor
DocentNataliya HavrylovaDocent
DocentSvyatoslav SmerechynskyiDocent
DocentOksana StelmakhDocent
DocentNestor TyshkoDocent
LecturerIhor KoshmakLecturer
1st Category EngineerNadiya Vorobets1st Category Engineer
Senior Department SecretaryRuslana MelekhSenior Department Secretary

Lecturers' schedule


Main topics of the scientific activity of Department of Astrophysics:

  • Diagnostics and photoionization modelling of the nebular environments (planetary nebulae, HII regions, diffuse ionized gas surrounding the star-forming regions)
  • Internal structure of the compact astrophysical objects (white dwarfs and neutron stars)
  • Structure and evolution of the Universe
  • Stellar atmospheres